Le Parfait Paris is San Diego’s newest patisserie and boulangerie. Located in the downtown Gaslamp District, Le Parfait Paris is distinctly chic with its large, open windows and street-side patio. Intentionally minimalistic in design, a bevy of colorful macarons and desserts are housed like fine jewelry in transparent refrigerated cases for roving eyes to adore. It’s the brainchild of Guillaume Ryon, who was born in France and moved to San Diego at 18. “I miss the taste of home,” Ryon told Southern California Life at the grand opening.
French pastry chef Jean-Francois Fays creates authentic baguettes, breads, pastries, and gluten-free items, but Le Parfait Paris is quickly becoming known for his exquisite macarons. A French treat dating back to the days of the Renaissance, the macaron (pronounced “macaroon”) of the 20th century, originally called “le Paris Macaron,” is a sweet almond meringue-based confection filled with an organic flavored custard. Le Parfait Paris offers macarons in a variety of flavors with a rotating selection of seasonally-inspired favorites.
There are both sweet and savory menu items at Le Parfait Paris. Brunch dishes include Eggs Benedict, a selection of panini and French baguette sandwiches, and the inescapable French tradition of quiche. Le Parfait Paris presents Quiche Lorraine with bacon, French -imported gruyere cheese, muscade and caramelized onions. Le Corse is a soon-to-be favorite sandwich with fine slices of salami, fig chutney and gruyere. Desserts, croissants and baked breads are made fresh daily, served with the finest in quality coffee.

Address: 555 G Street, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 245-4457
Web: www.leparfaitparis.com/
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/LeParfaitParis