Le Parfait Paris, the French patisserie and boulangerie located in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, celebrated its grand opening on Friday, Dec. 5, with a live band, complimentary desserts, red wine and signature cocktails for all guests. Dressed in cocktail attire, attendees got to choose from a variety of fine specialty desserts, including chocolate mousse topped with chocolate ganache, cheesecake made with mascarpone and ricotta, and macaroons with vanilla and fresh fruit.

Guests also enjoyed Le Parfait Paris’ signature champagne cocktail made with a hibiscus flower, as well as the spinach and gruyere, and pancetta and sun‐dried tomato miniature quiches (shown below).

The chic patisserie offers a French experience for San Diegans, with large, open windows, a street‐side patio, and desserts showcased in transparent refrigerated cases that make them hard to resist. For brunch, guests can choose from a selection of dishes, including: croissants, eggs benedict, quiche, and a selection of Panini and French baguette sandwiches. All of the desserts, croissants and authentic baguettes are made fresh daily.

Le Parfait Paris was founded by Guillaume Ryon, a France native who moved to San Diego at 18 and missed the tastes and flavors that France had to offer. He opened Le Parfait Paris after making a decision to provide San Diegans with a French experience, without the overpriced dishes.

Jean‐Francois Fays was also born in France and dreamed of living in the U.S. Today, he is the French pastry chef who creates the authentic baguettes, pastries, gluten‐free items and seasonally‐inspired macaroons at Le Parfait Paris.